Information gathering and usage

When you register for Projct we ask for general information such as your name and email address. This information is only used internally and won't be shared with others.

You may, however, provide other optional information such as your physical or mailing address, date of birth, phone number, etc. that will be shared with other Projct users automatically when you join their workspaces. This information is optional and not required to join any workspace.

Projct collects the email addresses of those who communicate with us via email, and information submitted through voluntary activities such as site registrations or participation in surveys. Projct also collects aggregated, anonymous user data regarding app usage. The user data we collect is used to improve Projct and the quality of our service. We only collect personal data that is required to provide our services, and we only store it insofar that it is necessary to deliver these services.

Your data

Projct uses third party vendors and hosting partners to enable proper operation of Projct. We own the rights to the code, databases, and all the rights to the Projct application.

The data that you enter into Projct is yours – it is owned and controlled by you. You may modify and delete all data entered into Projct. Your data in Projct may be dependent on other data, also entered by you. You will need to follow the chain of dependencies in order to manually delete all of your data.

Some data accrued during your use of Projct may be kept as a safeguard for you such as a list of other users that you may have blocked for spam, abuse, or inappropriate actions. This type of data may be fully deleted by deleting your account.

We do not share, sell, or transfer your data to any third parties without your prior written permission


We use cookies to store visitors preferences, customize web page content based on visitors browser type or other information that the visitor sends. Cookies are required to use Projct.


All data and information transmitted with Service is secured by SSL protocol.

Your data is secure insomuch as all security protocols are followed. Device login sessions monitoring, two factor authentication and user access controls are highly recommended to prevent unauthorized access to your data. Conn6ct, Inc and does not guarantee complete protection against sophisticated attacks on the Service. By continuing to use our Service you agree to our terms of service and agree to enter data into Projct at your own discretion with a full understanding that nothing on the internet is inherently secure.


We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. We will post the policy changes on this page of our website to notify you of these changes.

If you have concerns about any matters not listed here or related to our privacy policy please contact us at